FWEA: Your Professional Association

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Welcome to the online information center for the Fort Wayne Education Association (FWEA).   FWEA is proud to serve the professional educators in the Fort Wayne Community Schools Corporation.  FWEA is an affiliate of the Indiana State Teachers Association and the National Education AssociationFor over 50 years, FWEA has advocated for its members and supported them in providing a quality public education for every child. FWEA is committed to keeping its members informed about issues impacting teachers and education, and we are proud to represent over 1100 professionals who are dedicated to the best in education. 

We are Your Professional Organization!

Please remember that YOU are the Fort Wayne Education Association! This means that you are able to be involved and be one of the collective voices for what happens in our profession. Please join us as we continue to work to be a proactive professional organization!

Julie Hyndman - FWEA President

To all of you fellow educators who value opportunities for our children to be creative, to develop critical thinking skills, to demonstrate their knowledge beyond worksheets and standardized tests, we say thanks. We appreciate you and your work. 

Teresa Meredith - ISTA President